SATA filter cartridges for 500 filter

ab 58,20 

ab 58,20 

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Filter cartridges for compressed air combination filters SATA filter 524 / 544 / 564 / 584

The SATA filter series of the 500 series is optionally available as a single-stage sintered filter with water and oil separator, as a two-stage combination filter consisting of sintered and fine filter or with additional sintered activated carbon filter as a three-stage filter unit. Optionally, the activated carbon module for retrofitting from the 2-stage to the 3-stage filter is available by means of a plug-in system.

1st filter stage: Oil/water separator with sinter filter
  • The compressed air is accelerated in the cyclone separator. This causes oil droplets and condensate to be thrown against the wall of the filter sleeve and separated.
  • The sinter filter separates particles > 5 µm.
2nd filter stage: Fine filter
  • The fine filter separates particles > 0.01 µm.
  • Areas of application: for solvent-based paint systems
  • for respiratory protective hoods with activated carbon adsorber on the belt, e.g. the SATA air star c SATA air star c
3rd filter stage: Activated carbon filter
  • Activated carbon adsorbs oil vapours from compressed air
  • Applications: for water- and solvent-based paint systems
  • for respiratory hoods without activated carbon adsorber

product benefits

  • Higher pollutant uptake (compared to SATA filter 484) due to new sintered activated carbon filter
  • Stand time synchronization: Filter maintenance of all stages uniformly required only every 6 months
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Perfect fit of fine filter and activated carbon filter cartridges by insertion – no screwing or additional gaskets required
  • Easy extension from SATA filter 544 to 584 possible by simple plug-in system
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements
  • Pipe connection optionally possible from the left or right side
  • Air flow rate at 6 bar: 3,800 Nl/min