SATA filter cartridges for 100 filter

ab 53,60 

ab 53,60 

Plus 19% MwSt.
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Filter cartridges for compressed air combination filters SATA filter 100 /101 / 103 prep

The SATA filter 100 are low-maintenance filters for the pre-work station. A perfect paint finish can only be based on an impeccable prep work. Dust particles, condensate and compressor oil will, in the best case, still strike through during the sanding of the filler, but not infrequently only during the application of the top coat. The consequences are always expensive and time-consuming rework. Therefore, it is important to prepare the compressed air optimally already at the pre-work station.

product benefits

  • Finest dirt particles are separated down to a size of 0.1 µm
  • The first filter stage with a large cyclone separator and sinter filter reliably removes oil droplets, condensate and suspended particles from the compressed air.
  • The second filter stage, the microfiber fine filter, separates fine particles down to a size of 0.1 µm
  • The third filter stage with activated carbon provides maximum safety when processing water-based primary materials
  • The automatic condensate drain of the 1st filter stage keeps the service effort low and increases the operational safety
  • Pressure control valve with manometer for precise regulation of the outlet pressure
  • Ideal for pre-working areas with temperatures < 50 ° C Air flow rate 800 Nl/min at 6 bar inlet flow pressure
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